Our Dallas, TX Impact Investing Strategies
December 14, 2020 at 5:00 AM
Impact investing in Dallas, TX is turning to emerging markets for viable returns.

With all of the financial hardships created by the COVID-19 pandemic and the economic uncertainties surrounding the near future, investment firms have been looking for innovative ways to protect their portfolio and identify new areas of growth. One that the experts at gTC Group are monitoring closely is impact investing in specific industries within the US. Our Dallas, TX, impact investing professionals see excellent potential in this area, and we believe it’s a trend that industry insiders must seriously consider moving forward.

gTC Group’s Insights on Impact Investing

Impact Investing provides an opportunity to make a positive impact around the country.

Just like every other form of investing, the primary objective of our impact investing strategies is to deliver a quality return for our clients. However, what separates our approach from more traditional forms of investing is that we strive to also see a measurable social or environmental impact that benefits society.

Our Dallas, TX impact investing experts do this by identifying problem areas within our society and partnering with companies, organizations, and funds that we believe can help address these issues with a viable business solution. Together, we can work towards solving various social, environmental, and economic concerns and create a system that benefits everyone.

Investing in specific industries maximizes social returns.

Our team of impact investing strategists in Dallas, TX, believes that by focusing our efforts on business services, financial institutions, and the healthcare industry, we can deliver a return on our investments while addressing social, racial, and economic inequalities in the country. The COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated how flawed and inaccessible our healthcare system is for many US citizens. Impact investors can help improve it, though. Through strategic partnerships, we can lower healthcare costs by identifying operational inefficiencies and funding crucial healthcare IT to deliver higher quality care for everyone.

Another area of focus for our impact investing portfolio is addressing income inequality and providing better access to capital for our underserved communities. Investing in local community development financial institutions, foundations designed to provide easier access to higher-education opportunities, and organizations that promote employee relations and labor rights provides new opportunities for these communities to become more financially stable.

Now is the perfect time to start impact investing.

Impact investing is still relatively new, having only been coined by the Rockefeller Foundation in 2008. That means there are still plenty of opportunities for investors to adopt the practice early and take advantage of a less crowded industry section. Doing so now allows you to tap into markets with vast growth potential while also diversifying your portfolio to offset future economic downturns.

It’s also needed now more than ever. As the country works through the COVID-19 pandemic, and people continue to require financial assistance, impact investments could be the solution that helps local communities recover more quickly. This will benefit everyone, as it improves buying power, creates more economic stability, and can lead to a healthy and prospering economy for all of us.

Do you want to learn more about impact investing?

Then contact our impact investing experts in Dallas, TX. As a private investment firm, gTC Group is driven by our three fundamental principles. We believe disciplined focus and thorough research allow us to be nimble; we believe in sustainable prosperity and making investments that deliver a direct and indirect impact on communities; and we believe in creating tangible wealth, not merely the perception of value.

With this investment philosophy in mind, we draw upon our more than 50 years of global business management experience to decide which assets to pursue, maximize the value, and measure our investments’ impact to deliver proven and profitable results for our clients. If you’re interested in partnering with gTC Group or have any questions regarding impact investing, send us a message online.