Dispelling Common Misconceptions about Investment Groups
July 24, 2020 at 6:00 AM
investment groups aren't created the same

Like any sector, there are common misconceptions about investment groups that have persisted for decades. This is especially true in a climate where many are skeptical of these groups’ practices and ethics. While it’s certainly true that some investment organizations paint the broader industry in a particularly unfavorable light, this is far from the norm—especially at gTC Group.

We want to take a moment to address some of these misconceptions and give you a clearer understanding of how gTC’s knowledge, experience, and mission drive our clients’ financial success.

Setting the Record Straight

Misconception #1: Investment groups are reactionary

Markets, industries, and individual businesses change so quickly that it can be difficult to keep up with fluctuations. This constant state of change can lead many to offer knee-jerk advice that, while well-intentioned, is not always the best advice one can give.

gTC is different. With more than 50 years of combined, hands-on experience managing global businesses, we have developed and maintained a disciplined focus that enables us to provide the soundest investment advice. We do this by delving deep into the research needed to immerse ourselves in individual industries’ trends, earning us an agile approach to smart investment strategies.

Our dedication to research and familiarizing ourselves with industry specifics, coupled with our experience, allows us to provide thoughtful, timely advice so you do not miss out on any time-sensitive opportunities.

Misconception #2: All investment groups focus on short-term gains

This misconception does have some truth to it. Many investment firms and their clients approach investing with the mindset that an ROI is right around the corner through a one-time profit. This approach not only leads to disappointment through shattered expectations, but creates a dangerous mindset that has permeated the investment industry for some time.

Unlike others, gTC dedicates our attention to investments that create lasting value. It is our belief and practice that each investment should have direct monetizable assets, intellectual property, and predictable cash flows. Why? Because this enables us to direct our clients to only promising opportunities, as they can then capitalize on early major market trends that grow steadily over the coming years.

Misconception #3: Investments only create the perception of value

It can be easy to subscribe to this belief, given the state of financial markets right now. But investments certainly offer more than perceived value. When we offer clients investment advice and opportunities, we do so with the confidence that these opportunities provide solid, measurable, and visible value—not just the perception of value.

We’re able to afford our clients these opportunities because we select only those with understandable, lucid, and proven processes that include transparency when it comes to deals and financial reporting. We select only those whose management has a sound history of delivering successful results.

Trust gTC Group with Your Investments

Whether you’re a newcomer or have decades of experience, turning to gTC offers the chance to confidently pursue sound, sustainable investment opportunities that directly and indirectly impact communities. We have the industry understanding and knowledge to provide clear, understandable opportunities so you’re never left guessing. Reach out to us today to get started.